Planning on your next Carribean holidays? Here is a checklist of all the things that you need to remember if you are going on a holiday vacation:

  • Do not forget your travel insurance most especially if you are going out of the country. Buy a good quality of travel insurance, you can check and compare the prices and coverage of the policies before deciding to purchase.
  • For your own health and safety, check out what vaccinations you are required to have before your travel.
  • Do not forget your holiday money and make sure that you have sufficient budget to cover your expenses. You can decide ahead of time if you are going to use cash or cards for your travel.
  • If you plan to bring your credit cards with you, make sure that you have double checked the expiry dates. You may also want to notify your credit card company about your trip to avoid any problems.
  • Of course, make sure that all your travel documents and passports are complete. This would prevent any inconvenience especially in immigration offices.

You would want to have a vacation that is filled with good memories. You would not want to recall a vacation wherein you experienced too much hassles and inconveniences. Better make sure that your checklist is complete before you board the ship on your Caribbean cruise.

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  1. Malou

    These are tips that I will surely keep in mind when I travel.

    1. Donna Jane Marcuap

      Tips she gave are useful ^^ very much appreciated

      1. Algene

        Helpful tips! Must be remembered all the time! 🙂

        1. Donna Jane Marcuap

          Well, I have selective amnesia, but my memory will probably stack these things up!

  2. Kero

    I grew up in an island so Carribean vacation is always a dream now that we are living in a super city.

    wonderful tips. thank you for sharing

    1. That’s true… you will still long for some fresh air and the green surroundings 🙂 Carribean vacation is a nice place indeed 🙂

  3. I never thought of that thing, Vaccination, thanks for reminding me… that’s true, we aren’t sure if the place or while on the trip we may encounter unsafe places, viruses all around…

    1. Algene

      So dapat, we must read about the places na pupuntahan natin para we can prepare on what to do when we take our trip 🙂

      1. Donna Jane Marcuap

        That’s the implied idea i wanna say 😀

  4. Algene

    Thanks for sharing these tips! Passports and travel documents are really important!

    1. Donna Jane Marcuap

      yeah, or else you will be staying on the airport ^^ and talking with the immigration office

      1. Algene

        And blame yourself for not taking care of the docu earlier. 😛

  5. Algene

    I just +1 this post! 🙂

    1. Donna Jane Marcuap

      you have google+ too 😀

  6. Baguio City

    I have never experienced travelling abroad and thanks for this tip, if ever I will have a plan, I know what to do 🙂

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