Best Vacation Places: Cape Town

By Magemu - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

All over the internet, millions of people are looking for that one in a lifetime deal to their ideal destination. Due to the global recession, everyone is on a tight budget, from household bills to clothes and food, and taking a holiday is no exception! This has lead holidaymakers to look for the cheapest (or…

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Top 3 River Cruises to Explore Europe in Style

Top 3 Luxury River Cruises to Explore Europe in Style

There’s simply nothing like exploring a country by ship, and there’s no better place to experience it than Europe. Not only is the scenery stunning, the historical importance of European rivers adds an extra dimension to the cruising experience. Add to this the guarantee of the finest gourmet food and wine. And you can see…

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Best Vacation Places: Las Vegas

nevada vacationing

There are hundreds of great things to do in Las Vegas, Nevada. We mostly see the glitz and glamour of its characteristics as Sincity but there’s more. There’s no boring day in Vegas, every nook has something interesting to offer. Here are some of the overlooked places that you should see.   Natural Wonders The…

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Best Vacation Tip: Botique Hotel

Small, Romantic Hotels

What do you choose if you’re looking for a romantic place to spend your honeymoon? When you want to celebrate your wedding anniversary? Or just to have some staycation for a change? Best Vacation Tip: Botique Hotel. What small, chic, designer hotels know about creating a romantic atmosphere is worth knowing. Making guests feel welcome…

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Best Vacation Places: Your Manhattan Experience

How to Get the Most from Your Manhattan Experience

There’s simply something attractive about Manhattan. Locals love it there. Travellers drop by to try and capture some of the famous vibe that this awesome destination naturally exudes. It can be hard to truly expose the heart of such a busy place when you’re on holiday and only there for a limited time. So here…

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Three of the Best Campsites in Cornwall

By Tom Chambers - originally posted to Flickr as Porthcurno Beach, CC BY 2.0,

Best Campsites in Cornwall, where to go? Summer is fast approaching and the county of Cornwall is a popular destination both for locals and tourists. While Cornwall has plenty of charming B&Bs and apartments to stay in, it’s renowned for the array of high-quality camping sites. Dotted in and round tourist hotspots like Bude, Newquay, St…

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