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Travelling needs an ample amount of preparation, regardless the destination, and the method you would travel. And it takes double the time to prepare when travelling with kids. It is always a good idea to make a packing list, and go through it week ahead of your designated travel date.

The most common things you should pack for your kids should include items that would keep them from getting bored during transit and also some to keep them engaged. For yourself, a book set in the destination you are exploring might give you spots to look for. You can of course, include the kids in the hunt.

For games you can play with the kids, here are some ideas.


There surely will be board games on the cruise ship. The bigger the ship, the more activities and games there would be. You’ll find mini golf courses, even giant chess pieces to challenge a family member with. The last time we were on a cruise, albeit a short one, the kids played dominoes, checkers, and monopoly. The other cruisers were also playing other board games on their tables.

If you want, you can of course bring your own board, mind, memory and card games especially if the game room is age restricted.  Trivial Pursuit, Blokus, Monopoly, are some that are easy to carry, and would warranty an enjoyable game for everyone.

Online Board Games For When You Travel
Traditional and Online Board Games For When You Travel : Kids in train

Train Rides

Train travel can get boring if it takes more than 5 hours and you have exhausted all that you can see outside and inside in a game of “I spy.”

Pictionary is a fun game if you are in a roomette, but could be a bit noisy when on a regular seating. It also takes out your creativity, and will show which in the family has great drawing skills. ^_^ Bring some more papers and pencils for a game of XOs, a classic game that never goes out of style. Another one (that seem to be too late for now) is Pandemic, a cooperative game that challenges players’ thinking to help cure diseases by building research stations, treating diseases, sharing knowledge, or discovering a cure.

Card games are also great to play on train rides. Crazy Eights is a fun game that’s easy to play even for kids. UNO game cards and its many variations still remain the most popular among card games, so it will be fun to bring along if you have a deck at home.

Classic minesweeper, Traditional and Online Board Games For When You Travel
Traditional and Online Board Games For When You Travel : Classic minesweeper

Car Rides

Car travel can be tiring when on a long range. Many games you can play on a train ride can also be played while in a car. I spy, again for example, especially if you are driving in urban areas. While there’s of course limited movement, that’s why it’s best to play some online game versions of the traditional ones mentioned above.

There are also such solo games we love that will bring nostalgia. Minesweeper is such one game that you might remember playing on your computer, long before the advent of more complex computer games with better graphics and game stories.

Online mind games will also keep boredom at bay, but knowing kids – they might actually sleep on most of the car journey. Still, be prepared with some entertainment and snacks.

Playtime at Lodging

Walking and gawking at stuff during your city exploration will surely make the kids feeling tired and sleepy. Your hotel might have a pool the kids can cool down in, or an arcade game room, so go spend some time with them playing. If you still find some free minutes then, the board games you brought along will be of good use.

What’s your favorite game to play on long hours of travel? Let us know in the comments.

Traditional and Online Board Games For When You Travel, go board
Traditional and Online Board Games For When You Travel : Go

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