In my part of the world, summer is fast approaching. I can’t wait to go on vacation with my family where we  can experience a different culture. Maybe see a festival or something. We haven’t decided yet where it’s going to be but if you know me, you’ll know that I’ll be looking for a  cheap all inclusive holidays especially now that we are a family of 3.

I always wanted to go to the Canary Islands. Fiestas and festivals are celebrations of the island’s rich culture, visiting the island during any of the festivities adds some spice to your holiday.  It’s not surprising that the largest and most visited island of Gran Canaria, hold their own grand events year round to keep visitors coming back for more. Grand celebrations are usually done in the capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Festivals centered in performing arts are some of the best events that you can catch. These include the Festival de Musica de Canarias which showcases talents in classical music, Festival de Opera which is an international opera festival in Lap Palmas, International Jazz fest known as Festival Internacional Canarias Jazz, and the International Film Festival.

Interesting religious and traditional festivities can also be seen in Gran Canaria. These are colorful and spectacular events that make for a great experience. The Carnaval done in the month of February has several activities during the day like parades, Latin dancing, children’s carnival, drag acts and a Carnival Queen competition. The Fiesta de Nuestra Senora del Carmen features the statue of the Virgin of Carmen which is paraded on a boat down the coastline while locals and visitors watch in the flower adorned streets of Las Palmas.  Fiesta del Charco or Festival of the Lagoon is celebrated with water sports competition.

Great destinations offer everything from great scenery, delectable cuisine, warm and welcoming atmosphere and cultural experiences like festivals.

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  1. I enjoy seeing festivities and parades 😀 I wonder if they do the festivals different from our country 😀 still I love how Filipinos celebrate Festivals 😀

          1. that’s a fact you don’t need to tell 😀 indeed Spaniards are really influencial, with how many years again ? did they colonize the Philippines ? (naging Phil His topic )

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