We all want holidays spent in other places because of a different kind of experience it gives us. Turkey would be a perfect destination if you want to experience the Mediterranean particularly the City of Antalya where it is gifted with the beauty of nature and historically rich.

It is located 727 kilometers of Istanbul and has Mediterranean climate which means they have hot and dry summers and mild and rainy winters. They have good climate except during the months of July and August where it is too hot. Having mentioned about their natural beauty, they have beautiful beaches, particularly, their famous, Kunyaalti Beach which will definitely make perfect Turkey holidays. I know because I have seen these places myself.

They also have establishments where historical characters have been preserved with great architecture of course. International luxury hotels are also available which stands along the coast above the beaches of Konyaalti and Lara beaches. Transportation is very easy, you can either take bus or tram to be able to go around the city and visit the tourist spots they’ve got. If you are into sports, golf, rafting and diving in the Mediterranean are available, but if you want to know more about its history, a visit to the Museums would also be great. Antalya is a combination of old and modern fun combined which a think is just a good balance for tourists.

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  1. I have LISTS so many LISTS of places where I want to go traveling…and another page in my list FOR TURKEY πŸ™‚

    1. as said, month of July and August are hot seasons so I prefer not to go there if it’s July and August, is it a tropical country then?

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