So you feel that you have matured and are now ready to venture out into the world solo. You have outgrown those seemingly endless holidays to las vegas with your friends from work and would like to feel what it’s like to travel the world alone. Don’t think for a minute that going on a trip alone will make you end up feeling miserable and pathetically lonely. On the contrary, traveling solo proves to be very rewarding. Just keep these solo traveling tips in mind:

Get a guidebook for single travelers. Yes, there are resources especially meant for the solo traveller. You’ll find a list of accommodations and restaurants which will be full of other solo vacationers. This will be a good chance to meet new people. Just trust your instincts, though. There are some wolves in sheep clothing.

Always book in advance. This will help relieve you of some stress. If you want to experiment with other lodging, you can do that probably on your second night.

Avoid unwanted attention. If you feel someone making advances towards you, avoid eye contact and quickly slither away. Try to dress in a conservative way, so as not to give people the wrong message. As much as possible, try to blend in with the way local women are dressed.

Steer clear of romantic destinations. The last thing you’d want is to feel sorry for yourself. Try to avoid places where there’s a high chance of you finding couples arm in arm.

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  1. I think I will never fly solo on any tourist destination. I want to go with my husband or with the whole family.

  2. Though I am a “loner” I am scared of traveling by myself… it would really be BORING but it depends wwith the person…by the way I’m not yet matured and i don’t have that feeling of traveling alone, maybe traveling alone with my lover and never to comeback 🙂

  3. There are times when I feel like I need some vacation all by myself. This post could be helpful. Pero ngayon, wala pa akong plan of taking a solo vacation..

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