If you are into electronic music, like rave and house music, you will want to stay in some US cities that are better known for their electronic music scene. If you are looking to relocate, say to a place like Philadelphia, you should first check out the music scene before checking out Philadelphia apartments. Philly may be a great city, but it is not exactly known for its electronic music scene. If that’s important to you, you will want to reconsider moving there.

The city with the best electronic music scene is, of course, Los Angeles. The city has literally hundreds of bars and clubs where you can go for some good electronic music. Some of the better known clubs include Nickel and Dime, the Wild Goose Chase and others. In these joints, there’s some in house music every day, and most weekends, they will invite bands to come and play. Weekends you will hardly find a place to stand in the club, let alone park your car outside it. Come early, park at a distance and walk the rest of the way.

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New York, too, has a great music scene. There are many great music clubs and bars in the Manhattan area; many are exclusive and you will need to be a member or referred by one, to enter. If you want something more down to earth, try Brooklyn’s rave scene. There are many little doors that enter into large rooms with ongoing music performance by different bands. If you know where to go, Brooklyn offers some of the best music bars anywhere.

Other major cities with great electronic music are Chicago, the birthplace of house music, Seattle, San Francisco, Detroit, and even Milwaukee. All of these cities have awesome music going around, and even a smallish city like Milwaukee has Rave, one of the best music clubs for great electronic music.

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