There are only a few bands in the world that have achieved the same level of prominence and fame as that of the bands of Boston. Here are some of the famous Boston bands.

Boston Band

They are known as the original rock band of all time. They named their band after the city where they formed in 1969. Their band’s original name was Mother’s Milk. They achieved their most remarkable hits during 1970s and 1980s. Some of their famous songs are “Peace of Mind”, “More than a Feeling”, “Smokin”, “Don’t Look Back” and “Amanda”.


This is one of the most famous rock bands from Boston. They are also known as “The Bad Boys from Boston”. They have inspired many rock bands with their music style, which is hard rock, incorporated with elements of heavy metal, pops and blues. They started from the name Jam band, which was formed in Boston in 1970, and later they met with the other members of the band and formed Aerosmith. Their career started from the streets of Boston and then moved on to world fame. Some of the famous and memorable songs they made are “Back in the Saddle”,” Crazy”, “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”, and “Sweet Emotion”.

aerosmith, Famous Musicians

The Cars

They are known as the most successful new wave band. After many incarnations, they formed their band in 1976. Their music style is quirky, fun and upbeat. They have released six albums and five of those albums were certified platinum and that made them rise to the top of the other American rock & roll bands in the late 70s. Some of their famous songs are “Just What I Need”, “You’re All I’ve Got tonight” and “Touch and Go”.

The music of these bands rocks everything from Boston apartments and cars to bars and clubs.

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