San Francisco, California, is a famous destination for travellers around the world because of its incredible history and rich culture. You will be mesmerized by the ocean waters twinkling under the Golden Gate Bridge. This city also has tons of wonderful views to offer, and has been an attraction for immigrants, artists, poets and celebrities. Apart from the natural view, you will also love the San Francisco apartments.

tartine bakery

San Francisco is one of the cities in California where many celebrities have been seen.  Citizens of this city have their own story to tell about their celebrity sightings. Usually they are seen in bars, hotels, spas and restaurants. Here are some of the celebrities that have been seen there.

1. Singer and actress, Rosario Dawson with “Sex and the City” former star, Jason Lewis have been seen in Sparadiance in Fillmore St for a facial treatment. It was during the shooting of the movie “Rent”.

2.  It was in The Garden Court of Palace Hotel in New Montgomery St, where comedian actors Bob Saget, Dana Carvey and Tom Arnold were seen. A research benefit was the cause of their presence at the said place.

3.  Paris Hilton and Leonardo DiCaprio were seen at the Ritzy club in Clift Hotel. This hotel is where the pop stars usually stay.

4.  David Bowie, Nirvana and the Violent Femmes are the touring rockers that have all crashed in Phoenix Hotel in Eddy St. This hotel is known as a special “playground” for celebrities.

5.  Francis Ford Coppola and Robin Williams are frequently seen at the Rubicon restaurant, which they co-own with Robert DeNiro, in Sacramento St.

6.  It was in Tartine Bakery, a French bakery in Guerrero St, where San Francisco local Benjamin Bratt and his family were usually seen.

These are just some of the usual places where the famous celebrities have been spotted. So if you want to have a celebrity sighting, you know now where to find them.

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  1. My parents were there a couple of years ago and they said they had a really grand time. But they didn’t see any celebrities. Hehe..

    1. Wish I could go to the place too.

  2. San Franciso, California. One of my dream vacation places. 🙂

  3. Wow, good place for celeb hunting 😀 now I know where to go , I wish Daniel Radcliffe goes there

    1. Paparazzi all over San Francisco!

  4. Oh how I wish I could see my favorite star 🙂

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