Siargao is known as the Surfing Capital of the Philippines and it is located in Mindanao region specifically in Surigao del Norte. It is the home of spectacular and beautiful beaches and the big waves in these beaches made it a favorite tourist destination.

“Cloud Nine” is the best known surfing break in Siargao and is now part of the list in the world’s top Surfing Waves. To date, more and more breaks are being discovered most especially during surfing expedition. For those who are not into surfing yet, other activities to enjoy in Siargao Islands are swimming, snorkeling and island hopping. Other attractions near the island of Siargao include:

  • Sohoton Cave – get mystified and awed by the beauty of the cathedral-like dome of the cave with stalactites hanging from the ceiling.
  • Pansukian and Mangpupungko Pool – these are ideal places to do diving and snorkeling because of the crystal clear water and abundant coral reef
  • Bukas Grande and Taktak Falls  – cold water pool found at the bottom of the falls, ideal for diving and kayaking
  • Del Carmen and Guyam Mangroves – thick vegetation is found in this place plus the white sands of the beach.

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