^Rice terraces seen from Sagada

Sagada is located in Mt. Province, it is one of the Philippine’s best kept secret vacation spots. If you seek adventure and excitement, Sagada is the place to visit. The road going to Sagada is already an adventure itself, the rough and rugged road adds up to the fun and thrill that one can experience while in the province of Sagada. It is the perfect place to do hiking and cave adventures.

Among the beautiful scenery that can be seen in the place is the famous Rice Terraces. There is also a small falls whichis known as the Bokong Falls that you may want to check out. Another amazing sight to view in Sagada are the hanging coffins. It can be quite eerie but it is part of the culture and tradition of the province during the earlier times. Of course, the Echo Valley is not to be missed if you visit the place; be like a child again and shout on the top of your lungs and hear the echo reverberates in the valley.

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  1. Malou

    What a nice picture of the Rice Terraces. The Hanging Coffins sounds interesting.

  2. Donna Jane Marcuap

    No wonder that it is the world’s top SPOTS :)I’m so proud of our ancestors ,” efforts “…

  3. Algene

    My father is planning to bring us at Sagada. Very nice daw ang place and peaceful too! Hope we could make it this summer.

  4. My boss in my OJT have gone there for the Lakbay aral, and sceneries are really amazing 🙂

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