The province of Zamboanga is located in the Mindanao area of Philippines. The Spaniards used the city of Zamboanga as the center of their settlement via now famous Fort Pilar. The dialect of the province is Chavacano which is somehow similar to the Spanish language.

When people mention Zamboanga the first thing that comes in mind are the colorful vintas. But there are a lot for to Zamboanga than these things. When visiting the province, here is the list of places thatย  a tourist should never fail to see:

  • Fort Pilar – the open-air shrine of Our Lady of Pillar used to be the garrison of Spaniards.
  • Yakan Weaving Center – the visitors can witness how the locals weave cloth in traditional way.
  • Serenity Falls – is located between the town of La Paz and Pamucutan, the sight and sound of crystal clear water coming from top of the mountain is a refreshing to see after the rough and rugged road heading towards the falls.
  • There are also a lot of beautiful beaches that can rival the famous beach of Boracay island.
Pangapuyan Island (image via

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  1. First to comment? , why , it really attracts me “CITY OF FLOWERs, I love flowers, my favorite is aster flower ๐Ÿ™‚ I know people who can speak chavacano, I love the term “chavacano :)”

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