Heading towards northern part of the Philippines, is the province of Pangasinan. There are so many vacation spots in the province, but the famous of them all is Hundred Islands National Park. It is located in the city of Alaminos in Pangasinan. The breath-taking landscapes and sceneries are refreshing views from the usual urban life. Among the famous islands included in the list of hundreds are:

Governor’s island – in here visitors can find the house of Big Brother (Philippine version). It is a house for 8 to 10 persons and very much ideal for family vacation; it is complete with amenities so living comfortably is not a problem.

Scout island – is found in the southern-most part of the park; the place is perfect to experience underwater adventure. There are a lot of marine species to enjoy along with beautiful coral reefs.

The island of Milagrosa has a cave which becomes accessible to guests during low tide. Visitors can take pleasure in looking at the stalactites and staglamites formation.

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  1. Wow, I was envy with you Malou, because of the distance I haven’t seen it yet , I only heard lots of nice things about it, because my classmate was form Pangasinan and it’s just a walk away from their house huhu …. Some of these days I will take a tour there…

  2. Hundred Islands is sure magnificent but Pangasinan has more to offer.Has anyone of you gone to Bolinao,Pangasinan?Bolinao is a place to go in Pangasinan for white beaches,beautiful rock formations, and magnificent caves.did you know that the second tallest lighthouse in the philippines is located in bolinao,pangasinan.

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