Have you decided to spend your holidays in Russia, or just to visit for a few days? If so, you should be aware of some things before applying for your Russian Visa or buying tickets. First of all, you should learn about the travel agency you are going to deal with. Check their documents and find out as much information about them as you can. You need to read all the testimonials as I am sure you would like to be absolutely confident in the quality of services they provide. If they provide services for traveling to Russia, they need to have a special agreement with the Russian National Consulate. Please, check their license there and be sure that you are dealing with professionals. After that you’ve taken these steps, and feel comfortable with them, go ahead and book your air tickets Russia.

You’ll likely be offered a number of excursions and options for how you would like to take your trips: by bus, by river, or on foot. We recommend choosing Russian river cruises, as you will be amazed by the beauty of the famous rivers like Moscow river, the Volga, Dvina, Neva and others!

Temple of all religions, russia
Temple of all religions

There’s no other country that compares to Russia

If you can find any country on the globe that can be compared to Russia, then I’ll be the first to say I must not know as much about the area as I thought I did. I’ve never been to any country like the Russian Federation. It’s the most glorious and picturesque state I’ve ever seen. People there are more than just kind-hearted and tolerant. In fact, they can’t leave you with empty hands or stomach! I was really shocked when I traveled there by MS Sholokhov for the first time. I wanted to spend my holidays in the most diverse country in the world, and did so by choosing Russian Waterways. I’m sure that you have the wrong impression about Russia and that most information you are being told from on TV or in the papers is absolutely rubbish – it doesn’t have any relation to what’s in reality there!

I just want to tell you that this country is more than amazing – this is the most superb place I’ve been to! There is no other Asian country that can be ever compared to Russian Federation. You can book a river cruise, like the Volga river cruise, and enjoy the beauty of the environment and the national heritage of the Empire!


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  1. they can’t leave you with empty hands or stomach! ? wow , 😀 really great HUh… therefore Russia is really a good place to visit 😀

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