The Philippines has numerous virgin places that are worth visiting. These are generally located in many of the Philippine provinces including Palawan. Located in the MIMAROPA region, Palawan has Puerto Princesa as the capital city.

Natives of Palawan are categorized into four groups namely the Tagbanua, Palawano, Batak, and Molbog and languages and dialects that people of Palawan speak include Tagalog, Cuyonon, Palawano, Ilonggo, and English.

Despite the drastic growth of the muslim community in the place, Roman Catholic is still the predominant religion in Palawan. Other than Catholicism, there are also other religions present in Palawan including the Baptist, Church of the Foursquare Gospel in the Philippines, and the Seventh Day Adventist. Charismatic groups are also present in Palawan particularly the Jesus is Lord, Life Church, and more. Other groups like The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint or the Mormons or LDS and the Iglesia ni Cristo or INC are also present.

There are also non-Christian religions that are present in Palawan like the Muslims, Buddhists, and the ethnic Chinese Buddhists.


Dos Palmas – is one of the most known resort and spa in Palawan. Located in Puerto Princes Palawan, Dos Palmas Inland Resort & Spa offers luxury and comfort with their elegant yet homey accommodations, which made the Dos Palmas a home away from home.

Dining at Dos Palmas can be great with their Al Fresco family breakfast wherein every tourist will enjoy many of the Philippines’ native specialties. Group dining will never be a problem with their Kara-enan Restaurant and bar that can accommodate a group of up to 250 members.

Many of the performers doing cultural show that features the native dances of the Philippines make nightlife at Dos Palmas colorful. There are also band performances on a scheduled concert nights.

Relaxing and rejuvenating the Filipino style at Dos Palmas is made possible with the resort’s Paranarian spa, wherein travelers can have a relaxing massage while enjoying a scenic view of the Honday Bay.

For the adventurous types, there are also activities like snorkeling, diving and many more for you. When you come to Dos Palmas, bring some white bread so you can feed the fishes like this (clown fish here)  when you go snorkeling.

Puerto Princesa Underground River – formerly known as the Saint Paul Underground Rive, the Puerto Princesa Underground River is the Philippines’ longest cave system in the Philippines and is one of the nominees for the New 7 Wonders of the World.

Travelers of different type (trekker, adventurist, tourist, etc.) should not leave Palawan or the Philippines without visiting the Puerto Princesa Underground River, as the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization or UNESCO considers it as one of the World Heritage Site.

Located 81 kilometers north of the Puerto Princesa City, the Underground River in Bahile is a home to many of the Philippines’ endangered species like the Pheasant Peacock and the Philippine Cockatoo. However, despite of the different wildlife in the surroundings, the monitor lizards or bayawak and the monkeys are still the top attractions to many of the tourists of Palawan.

Getting there has never been easy with the vans available for rent in the city of Puerto Princesa. Travelers can also opt to ride in a public utility jeep found at the San Jose terminal.

Estrella Falls – another spot that tourists would definitely love to visit when in Palawan is the Estrella Falls. Located at the southern part of Palawan, the Estrella Falls can be found in Barangay Malatgao, Narra Palawan. Travelers can have very relaxing picnic experience while at the same time enjoying the scenic view of the falls. One can also enjoy a dip in the waters but must be cautious enough with the strong current of the water if you opt to enjoy swimming closer to the falls.

Going to Palawan is easy, as travelers can avail the flight offered by the Philippines’ airline companies like PAL and will be in Palawan from Manila in just a matter of one hour and five minutes.

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  1. I heard so much of Palawan, though I’m afraid of crossing the seas , somehow I really feel like trying to go there in Palawan 🙂

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