Finding the perfect vacation wardrobe can be quite stressful for women. Women would always want to look good and fashionable even while walking along the beach. During summer vacation here are some of the fashion tips to look good and feel comfortable on what women should wear.

• Choose light materials for cloth fabrics, cotton and spandex are always comfortable to wear. These types of fabrics are often wrinkle-free hence there is no need to worry about wrinkled clothes.

• Shorts and tank tops are also advisable to wear during summer vacation. As much as possible avoid wearing shirts with flashy designs.

• Do not forget the summer accessories like sarong, beaded necklace, sunglasses and of course beach hats. These items would liven the simple summer outfit that you wear for summer vacation.


    1. The looks are really important to us especially to women 🙂 and those singles who might find their prince on the way ^^

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