The Nile River Cruise: What to Expect

What could be more romantic than going on a cruise along the Nile river? It’s something you’ve always dreamed of doing with the one you love- well, next to going on cheap holidays to Egypt! If you’ve already booked yourselves a romantic cruise in this enthralling part of the world, here’s what you can expect:

First, you fly from Cairo to Luxor or Aswan, and hop on your chosen boat straight from the airport. The cruise usually runs for three, five or eight days. That’s a pretty long stretch for you and your loved one. When the cruise is over, you fly back to Cairo.

All ships have nearly the same itineraries which include stops at the Temples of Edfu and Kom Ombo. You might find yourself scratching your head at the numerous types of ships to choose from, though. Nile cruise ships are rated with 3, 4 or 5 stars. If you want your trip to be special, don’t settle for anything less than 5 stars.

Dining on these cruise ships is an unforgettable experience in itself. Meals are usually served buffet style in a huge dining room. Snacks and drinks are likewise available at the lounge bar, or the sun deck bar on the top level. This comes at an extra charge.

Cruises are the ultimate vacation for couples. Plan wisely and you’re sure to have a memorable time.

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  1. wow! egypt is also one place that i would like to visit someday. and there is a nile river cruise? cool!

    1. Algene

      Don’t forget the great pyramids! 🙂

  2. Mel Cole

    It is indeed a fascinating place to spend a couple’s time getaway. So peaceful!

    1. Algene

      Indeed a romantic and lovely place 🙂

  3. Mel Cole

    Take two, I am not sure if my comment got through a while ago. But yeah, I like to see River Nile someday. One of the Historic Rivers in the whole world.

  4. Mommy Jes

    wow this is a nice place!! sarap mamasyal…sana makapamasyal dn ng ganyan soon!! unahin ko muna dyan sanyu :)) PALAWAN!! 😀 ehhehe

    1. hahaha yan! would like to go to palawan too . and i will make sure that i will visit jade! weeeeeee it’s good now that there is cebu pacific going to palawan from cebu. 😀

  5. Josie

    When heard of Nile River, first thing that comes to mind is Anthony and Cleopatra. So romantic..

    1. Algene

      I remember a friend everytime I hear Nile. LOL

  6. Vernz

    Wow, such a classic exploration in a modern time.. how I wish I have lots of moolah, I sure will grab this chance … awesome.

  7. zoan

    Having a Nile River cruise is one of my dream romantic destination. pang honeymoon sana:) next time , when we are not busy and when we get the money nah ehehe

    1. true true….if we had the money, we would have gone on a cruise during our honeymoon. the cheapest and nearest us would cost around p60k din per pax sa non peak e.

  8. Malou

    Egypt is one country I’d really want to visit coz of it’s rich history. That cruise in the Nile River sounds fun.

    1. so true….it is great to unearth facts about this past civilization. i used to dream of becoming an archaeologist so that i can excavate egypt! waaaa

  9. Feeling Traveler Aketch

    Thanks for sharing this. I hope I can afford a Nile Cruise soon. 🙂

  10. Alyssa

    Wow this cruise to Nile River seems not only romantic but also a way of experiencing Egypt at its best 🙂 This is perfect for honeymoon trip or for any couples out there who want to try something new.

  11. Donna Jane Marcuap

    wow… I don’t feel like getting in there… I am scared of traveling across the sea… *shameful* haha… but someday I WILL DEFINITELY get in there… when i overcome those fears 🙂

    1. Travel Writer

      Hi Donna,

      What about taking medication…I think there’s a tablet you can take to prevent getting sea sick.

  12. Donna Jane Marcuap

    Longest RIVER EVER 🙂 it will take a long long journey traveling the whole length of this river 🙂

  13. Algene

    Grabe.. Sobrang gusto kong makasakay ng cruise with boyfie. <3 Hope we'll have an out of the country trip next time. 😀

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