Interested to visit Malta? Why not! There are so many reasons why it is one of the best places to go to. To start off, Malta has very rich and diverse culture.  Being under the colony of various countries, each country has left an indelible mark in the culture and traditions of Maltese. It has become a melting pot of different countries. This can still be seen in the islands of Maltese, there are just so many cultural and heritage sites to visit. Being under the rule of British for almost two centuries, English is one of the official languages and their own language called as Maltese. Communication would not be a problem for a visiting tourist of Malta.

Another great reason to book your Malta holidays is the endless activities that you can enjoy while in the country. These activities will keep you on your toes all the time; boredom will be out of your vocabulary while staying in Malta. The location is excellent for any type of sports such as paragliding, wind surfing, rock climbing and a lot more that will keep your cardiovascular up and running. Aside from sports, there are also events, concerts and theatrical shows to enjoy. Among the popular event is the re-enactment of “In Guardia”; definitely a big blockbuster to locals and tourists.

Malta vacation is affordable and convenient too. There is no need to spend more of your time in travelling just to visit a new city or head to the beach. Usually, it takes around an hour to go to one part of the island to another. The restaurants, clubs and other entertainment places are quite affordable too. Since the recreation establishments are concentrated in one place, there is no need to spend much money to go from one place to another. There are also good quality accommodations that you can find from hotels, to apartments and vacation houses.

The Republic of Malta is one place that you and your family would truly enjoy visiting. It has become one of the popular holiday destinations for many people.

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  1. I remember I’ve watched a documentary on how Cleopatra the movie was made .. it was on this place .. a hollywood studio here is very huge .. gladiator too was shot here.. how I wish had lots of moolah jadey.

    Thanks for seeing me 🙂

  2. Though I wasn’t familiar with Malta… I am adventurous, no wonder why I’ve been to places taht I’ve never did expect..

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