Summer should be a time for fun and memories, but unfortunately for many women, it is the most dreaded part of the year simply because of swimwear. Looking great at the beach or the pool can be easy when you find the perfect sexy swimwear for your body which can be easy with sexy swimwear and lingerie UK suppliers such as Ann Summers.

Sexy can mean a tiny bikini or a one piece, it just depends on what you want to wear, but do not get stuck just buying the most boring and least revealing swimwear this summer, but instead find something that will actually make you look and feel sexy all summer long.

There are many style that can enhance the features of your body that you want to show off, and those that can mask the ones you are not so comfortable with. Now of course you are going to show off some cleavage in any type of swimwear, but be cautious that your breasts do not end up looking frumpy after the suit becomes wet.

There are two easy fixes for this. Especially for those women who are lucky enough to have large breasts, underwire is a must-have. In the same way underwire works with your bra; it will keep your breasts perky even when the suit is saturated. The other fix is to enhance your breasts size with your swimwear. There is now a wide range of incredible line of instant boob job bras and sexy lingerie that now also come available in swimwear.  These tops will increase your breasts by one cup size and give you the support you need.

The next part of the body to think about is generally the part of the body that most women want to mask. You tummy or midsection may be the reason you are not keen on the idea of swimwear, but there are styles that will help.


Tummy control tops and one piece are your best bet. They act as a corset to firm your stomach and create a smooth line down your body. Be careful that you are not buying and wearing ruffles or other added material because they will just add more volume to your stomach. A high waist band will also place the most emphasis on the smallest part of your midsection to help mask it a little more.

It does not matter if you prefer one pieces or two, you need to find a bottom style that works best for your body. Think about what styles underwear for women you find the most flattering and then chose swimwear with in that style. You can find the all the same styles for underwear in swimwear, so just stick with what you know works.

Once you find the right swimwear for your body and personal taste, you need to take some time to find accessories to wear. Oftentimes women forget to play up their look on the beach, but there is no reason why you cannot wear cute shoes and a little jewelry. Having a complete look with the right style of swimwear for your body will allow you to finally feel sexy on the beach or at the pool.

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