Thanks to the mild winter and extremely hot summer weathers, Kvarner has now evolved in becoming a place of intention for tourists and travelers. Kvarner is located near the Mediterranean and was able to hold a firm support to its economy while its tourism has been slowly developing and growing. If ever you have any plans to travel or seeing the beauty of Kvarner; here are some of the highly recommended places that you must not take for granted.

One of the biggest islands in Kvarner bay is Krk having the size of four hundred to nine hundred square kilometers. This place received about twenty five hundred hours of sun every year. Make sure to visit Cave Biserijka, Bay Soline and Kosljun while you are here in Krk. There are also a lot of activities that can be done such as diving, walking, various sports and a lot more of adventure oriented activities such as mountain biking, sea kayaking and trekking. If you are the type of person who enjoys outrageous sporty activities- you must try visiting Krk, you will have a BLAST!

If you enjoy quiet moments to meditate, escape and reflect-then you must try to visit Rab also in Kvarner. This is where you can enjoy breathtaking views of landscapes covered with green pine forest trees. There are so many mind-blowing beaches located in the said area which is why this would be a perfect place for both serenity and tranquility.

Holiday Vacation at Kavner would not be complete without enjoying the rustic Australian villas, beaches and parks. It is known as the Pearl of Adriatic Sea or Opatiija to the natives of Kavner; and going to the place is also culture-enriching experience. There are a lot of exhibits, festivals and other cultural events that a tourist can take pleasure of in visiting Opatiija.

Kvarner is more of natures feel vacation; if you love the outdoors, then you will also love Kvarner for you will be able to enjoy and appreciate the magnificence of nature.

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