If you got tired of the usual holiday destinations and you are not the type of person who would spend the entire holiday on free online dating sites. Then  a vacation opportunity in the wildlife of Namibia can provides fun and unforgettable holiday experience. There are a lot of activities to do and it can range from the plain game hunting to cheetah or other wild animals hunting.

The plain hunting would involve hunting animals like kudu, oryx and the blue wild beast. In fact there are around seventeen species involved in plain game hunting in the safari of Namibia. The hunting area covers an estimate of 75000 acres. The winners of the hunting games were given trophies which are as precious as gold. The trophy hunting season in the safari starts in February and would last until November. If the visitor would wish to receive a trophy from hunting games, then it is best to visit the safari during these months. Holiday hunting is one of the favorite activities done in the safari of Namibia.


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