Whenever you go on a vacation whether out-of-town or overseas, your friends and family members would often expect a souvenir gift from the place that you have visited. It is a must that you include this in your budget whenever you are out on a vacation. But what could be the best souvenirs for others when traveling? Would giving graphic tees be enough? Or are there any better ideas? To help you on this, here are some good ideas on what to give your loved ones as gift souvenirs when traveling:

  • Buying local crafts and specialties are great ideas for souvenirs.
  • Photographs are also one of the best souvenirs. Take pictures of the beautiful places and scenery that the place is famous for.
  • Another simple souvenir is the currency of the country that you have visited. You may want to get smaller bills of their currency and give it as souvenirs to your loved ones.

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  1. I’ve never think of currencies as a souvenir to give for my friends and relatives and that’s a good idea 🙂 I always bought local crafts from that place or they often tell me to buy local foods since most of it tastes great.

  2. Yeah… souvenirs are things that made me remember that I’ve been to that place 🙂 and I never left the trip without it ? Yeah Photographs , I don’t know that it is also considered souvenirs I first just thought of material things that can be bought ^^

  3. Yes, Pictures are the best souvenirs that are also, affordable! some material things like t-shirts costs a lot ^^ Pictures are enough 🙂 But when you have the money , goy buy the luxurious souvenirs 🙂

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