According to the song of reggae legend, Bob Marley; “”Want you to smile in Jamaica”. It is a place where you can find amazing and beautiful beaches. If you are fond of water sports, the rich blue seas are an ideal location for your Jamaica Holidays.

No woman, no cry in Jamaica especially if you keep yourself hydrated while enjoying the beautiful beaches. You would not want to experience heatstroke and ruin the rest of your vacation. Keep in mind that the temperature in this tropical country is around 31 degrees Celsius and could get even higher. It is also essential that you protect your skin from sun burn which may even happen during cloudy days. Along the beach are vendors that would offer you to buy drinks which make it easier for you to keep hydrated. However if you are not interested, you can politely decline their offers.

Getting around Jamaica can be done by either renting a car or riding buses. If you want to experience the relaxed and laid back culture of Jamaica, it is best to try Jamaican bus services. Car rentals can be quite pricey and taxis do not have metres. You can practice your negotiating skills to get the best deals for their services. If you are going to rent a car, be prepared for any goats or cows that cross the roads most especially in country areas.

Aside from the amazing beaches, you can also find the best nightlife in Jamaica. If you visit the place during spring, you can find a lot of carnivals in the crowded street of Jamaica. A night of reggae music, drinking, singing and dancing; and most of these events are free. Jamaican culture is also about eating spicy meats and veggies. These types of foods are available in most Jamaican restaurants and a must-try for every visitor of the place. There is also a lot of free bargain shopping in the street markets of Jamaica. Do not feel embarrass when you haggle for a good price, it is part of local tradition to haggle.

You may want also to pay respect to the father of reggae music, Bob Marley. In Jamaica, you will find the Bob Marley Museum located in Kingston. The museum is open to visitors from Monday to Saturday, 9:30 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. In here, you will learn more about Bob Marley and his contributions to the Jamaican culture.

If you want to take a break from the hurried pace life in the city, Jamaica is definitely the place to go. The relaxed and laid back environment will help you unwind and rejuvenate.

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  1. Telling me this that “Jamaican culture is also about eating spicy meats and veggies ” well it makes me more convinced to go and relaxed there when I got the chance 🙂 and the first thing I would likely do is that to find those resto… 🙂

  2. Jamaica, I think of beaches and colorful activities when I hear this country. I’m not into tropical countries that much since I live in one already lol But I still would like to experience being in another country with reggae music to accompany me with my vacation since this type of music is really soothing.

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