The hospitable natives of Tunisia always find time to relax and celebrate by throwing a variety of festivals year-round. No matter when you visit Tunisia, you’re bound to discover at least one festival that is going on. However, November has one of the most versatile festivals that just about anyone can find pleasure in. In fact, all of the Tunisia November festivals are always a sight to see. Plus, if you happen to be visiting, they’re more than happy to welcome you to join in and celebrate with them. When you plan a Tunisia November vacation, you should always know what festivals will be going on so you can be sure to include them in your itinerary.

get a view of the majestic Great Mosque of Kairouan

Favorite Tunisia November Festival: The Oases Festival

The Tunisia November festival takes place from the 3rd through the 6th in Tozeur. At the heart of the Oases Festival, you’ll find camel racing… yes, camel racing! It’s not something most of us see very often, if ever, and is quite a sight. You’ll probably find yourself giggling as these animals make their way across the sand. If that doesn’t sound amusing, then head to the outlining areas of the town and enjoy dancing, music, food, snake charming, knife throwing and more. Other Tunisia November festivals include the Saharan Douz Festival and Saharan Tourist Day.

If you plan on visiting Tunisia, November not being your chosen time of the year, there are plenty of others to choose from. Even if you don’t choose to visit a festival there are Tunisia activities for everyone ranging from watching the sunrise over the Sahara, spending a day on a sparkling beach, or even sand skiing! There’s also an array of historical, ancient sites that have sealed their place in history. Rich history and ancient roman sites combine to give a glorious, one-of-a-kind experience.


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  1. My tunisian friend invited me to go there 😀 but i told him maybe the next year I could 🙂 he shares so much things about how wonderful Tunesia is. isn’t it?

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