During the many years of it’s tourist history Crikvenica (Croatia) has been and has remained one of the most popular summer resorts on the Croatian coast. And since it is important for a good image of tourism to be projected, Crikvenica tourist facilities are strictly regulated by the Tourist Board. You will find that accommodations, including apartment rentals, hotels and villas are spacious and well maintained. Crikvenica is easily reached by roads from anywhere in Europe within a day. The entire town ofCrikvenica is in fact a riviera with a row of almost connected small tourist resorts: Novi Vinodolski, Dramalj, Selce and Jadranovo.Though there are very nice resorts and hotels in Crikvenica, apartment rentals are an excellent way to enjoy your vacation to the Crikvenica region. There is a wide price range for Crikvenica apartments and amenities make a huge difference in many cases. Since costs are very important to most people when planning a trip, then you will need to evaluate this factor as well. There are many travel websites that feature apartments for rent in the Croatia, and many of these websites include reviews that will help you decide whether you would like to rent a particular apartment.

Kopački Rit nature park, one of Europe’s largest wetlands

Since the hinterland of Crikvenica offers a variety of hunting and hiking opportunities, the season does not end at the end of summer. During the stay in Crikvenica don’t miss to visit the Aquarius and the shops of original local souvenirs. The Crikvenica riviera is gorgeous and well known for the beautiful, clean beaches and as a result, it is popular with tourists throughout the world. For this reason, you will need to begin searching for your vacation apartment several months in advance.

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