Ibiza Island in Spain is popular for summer club parties that attract the young and sometimes wild crowd. However, there is another side of this beautiful island that exudes quiet charm and appealing monuments of talent dating back to over a hundred years.

A notable landmark that you should see while on an Ibiza holiday is the Murallas de Ibiza or the walls of Ibiza. It hasΒ eight bastions and several main gates adorned with Roman Statues that are well preserved which earned a distinction of becoming a World Heritage Site.

Monuments that pay tribute to the island’s history mark the streets and plaza of Ibiza . These include the Monumento a Cristobal Colon, in honor of Christopher Colombus; Monumento a los Corsarios, for the pirates who defended the island in the 18th century; and Monumento al General Vara de Rey, for the Spanish general who died in Cuba during the war.


There are plenty of other landmarks and sights that can capture your interest in Ibiza . The Capilla de San Ciriaco, Chapel of San Ciriaco, Estatua del Sagrado Corazon de Jesus which is a large statue of Christ, and Necropolis Punica del Puig des Molins, a well preserved ancient cemetery, are just some more spots that you can visit. These are treasured monuments of Ibiza’s art and culture that would complete your Ibiza experience.


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