“All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go”; this is a line from a song that you are most likely to sing as you pack your things for your much awaited vacation. But you have to make sure that you know what to take with you during your vacation. Here are some is a short checklist on the stuff that should be inside your bags:

  • Clothes. Bring clothes that are appropriate for the climate of your vacation destination. If you are coming from a cold place and going somewhere that is warm; make sure that you bring the right type of clothes with you. Also, as much as possible adhere to one color scheme so you can easily mix and match your outfits. If you hate ironing clothes, go for the darker shade because it would not show so many wrinkles.
  • Toiletries. Just take the minimum amount, there is no need to buy a whole bottle for your trip. If it is just a short trip, then you can simply bring with you the sample sizes. You also have to make sure that your toiletries bag is waterproof. Some shampoo bottles may have the tendency to break.
  • Prescription Medicines. If you have to maintain some medicines, make sure that you put them inside your bag. Do not forget to bring a copy of your prescription just in case you lose your bag and you need to buy them.
  • Important information. Write down details of your insurance policies and other important phone numbers that you may need to contact in case of emergency. You may need the contact number of your medical specialist or certified nutritionist just in case you have one.
  • Credit cards. It is advisable to bring two cards just in case the other one get stolen or captured by ATM. Make sure that you inform the credit card company especially if you are travelling overseas.

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