You love to travel, but you are in a budget constraint nowadays; so what would you do? Give up traveling? You don’t need to do that. You just need to be more resourceful and check out the best budget-friendly places in the country.

Philippines has 7107 islands. I am pretty sure you can find the right place that will suit your budget. You can find a decent place to stay. You may be lucky to find a place with those beautiful Kohler kitchen faucets. If not, as long as the place is clean and has potable water, it can be as good as the other expensive hotels. Sometimes it is even best to detach yourself from the luxury of modern life and enjoy the beautiful masterpiece of nature.

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  1. Or you can even blog hoppin’ to make a budget or to win a travel package

    1. Yes! Wait for deals and promos online!

      1. That’s what I always do? how bout you ?

  2. No, never give up on travelling. Save more! 😀

  3. Who knows? It could be our lucky day!

    1. Yeah Luck is everywhere

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