Travel Is Changing Around The World
Travel Is Changing Around The World : simpler ways to enjoy being out


Almost two years into the pandemic and we aren’t sure if travelling will ever get back to normal soon. Yes, there are flights, we can go about some countries, but it is not safe yet. Apart from the restrictions, the jobs, the salaries, and even rents and mortgage payments across the UK and the world has been affected – positively and negatively. Many questions arise including, how will travel be like in 2022 onwards? How would employment and the workplace be after things settle? How are insurance policies changing? Will rent and mortgages be more expensive? And can we go back to normal soon enough?

How Travel Is Changing Around The World in 2022
How Travel Is Changing Around The World in 2022 : try biking to the nearest beaches

Tourism Disrupted

Some questions can be readily answered, but for others, we can only speculate or base the answers on trends – which can also change because of varying factors. With the lockdowns being placed by some countries, travelling and the tourism industry has been disrupted too.

Rents and Mortgages

Hotels, rooms for accommodation, and other travel lodges had to adjust, cancel, rebook bookings, affecting income flow greatly.

Mortgage payers, fortunately, are given support.  The Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) guidance gave out applications for  mortgage payment deferral (sometimes called  ‘payment holiday’) until 31 March 2021 and all payment deferrals ended on 31 July 2021.  Thankfully, lenders are giving a bit of consideration for mortgage customers who are having difficulties due to the pandemic. If you are considering getting your own place at the moment, consider the current situation. There was a time when mortgages were really low, but it might change in the future. You can calculate your mortgage payment with the help of online calculators.


It is the same flights having cancelled globally at the start of 2020, and airports closing down on many countries, there’s a backlog of refunds, thousands of re-bookings, and if eligible, cancelled tickets. The revenue of all airlines has been greatly impacted and it surely brought crisis to many countries economically.

Travel Alternatives

For itchyfeet people, not being able to travel for long can be saddening. You can of course go to a safe country, provided they allow tourist entry. But things regarding the virus are changing anywhere, that even the safest cities are experiencing a new wave of infections. While it is best to stay put at the moment, you can your family can go on shorter and local trips. Here are some of the alternatives.


Biking long distances need time and practice. Start now, biking an hour or two to the nearest lake, and enjoy the view as you go along. Time will come, you can go biking for longer hours and distances, even going to a town that takes 2 hours by train. Biking is not only an ecological way to travel, it’s also a good exercise, so bring the family along, but make sure that you are all geared up properly for the adventure.

Road Trips

Another enjoyable way to travel would be road trips. Visit a camping site and hike, spend nights on tents for a different kind of experience being outside. There are of course a lot of things to prepare on a road trip, so make sure that you make a checklist and fill it up weeks before your intended travel.

How Travel Is Changing Around The World in 2022
How Travel Is Changing Around The World in 2022 : Tent by the lake


There’s simply nothing like exploring a country by ship, and there’s no better place to experience it than the UK and Europe. Not only is the scenery stunning, the historical importance of  rivers adds an extra dimension to the cruising experience. Add to this the guarantee of the finest gourmet food and wine. And you can see why so many travellers are booking a cruise to truly experience the best that the region has to offer.

We went on a day-trip cruise around Austria with the ship anchored at some points for at least half an hour. To be exact, the stops included Vienna Nussdorf-Tulln-Krems-Dürnstein-Rossatz-Weißenkirchen-Spitz-Emmersdorf-Emmersdorf-Melk-Ybby. We were able to taste wine at one stop (Tulln), and enjoyed a bit of nature as we explore the areas near the ports even for a short time. The cruise took about 14 hours in total coming back to Vienna as the main port, food was extravagant, we were served breakfast, lunch buffet, afternoon snacks, and dinner. It was worth the price, of course.

If you’re considering this for your next getaway, here are 4 of the top luxury river cruises to truly explore  the UK and Europe in style. You can do a short 1 day cruise or a week cruise, even 30 days!

Untamed Thames

Nothing could be more unique than seeing London from the historical river Thames. There are circular boat tours that can take as short as 40 minutes, while there are also cruises with set lunch and dinner for patrons and even overnight cruises. Depending on the pier you would embark at, the many famous attractions in London could be viewed. Some would be the London Eye, the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, O2 arena and Canary Wharf.

Travel Is Changing Around The World
Travel Is Changing Around The World : travel alternatives

Scenic Switzerland

Switzerland provides a haven for cruise enthusiasts looking to spend their holiday exploring some of the most scenic landscape. Starting in Geneva, you can spend 30 days cruising in the height of luxury through Switzerland’s stunning mountainside scenery. Go exploring immaculate towns, and enjoying the striking medieval architecture. With a cruise of this calibre, the hardest part will be having to return home!

The Spectacular Seine

There’s simply something special about this river, and taking a scenic cruise along the Seine as it flows through Paris is definitely something to add to your travel bucket list. Admire the stunning examples of French architecture as you explore this iconic river on board a boutique cruise vessel. The finest food, wine and cultural experiences await you on this beautiful river cruise through the heart of France. For those who want to travel out of Paris, a stop along the Seine at Les Andelys is heralded as being one of the most picturesque places in France.

Romantic Rhine

Rhine is one of the most diverse river cruises in Europe. A tour of the Rhine will take you through five different countries. This will be a spectacular cultural journey that is simply unforgettable. These include Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Germany and France. Not only is the landscape breathtaking, but you will have the opportunity to explore a range of fascinating destinations that truly characterise European culture and lifestyle. As you cruise through Germany, you’ll have the chance to see the stunning Black Forest region. Its fairy-tale style castles and picturesque scenery that is perfect for those with a passion for photography.

A stop in Amsterdam will give you a first-hand experience of the nightlife that this city is famous for. If you want to experience a truly unforgettable European river cruising adventure, the Rhine is for you. There’s nothing like exploring the best of Europe in the utmost luxury to create memories that will last a lifetime.

For the best deals and latest information on European river cruising, check out our GetYourGuide link. Search itineraries, learn about your destinations and find unbeatable prices on your favourite cruise all in one convenient place. Treat yourself to a taste of luxury with a sophisticated European river cruise for your next holiday.

Travel is changing around the world for sure, and like chameleons, we’re sure to adapt to the changes just to feed our wanderlust. Whatever you have plan on doing in the coming year, stay safe and enjoy your travels!

How Travel Is Changing Around The World in 2022
How Travel Is Changing Around The World in 2022 : River Cruise

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