Budget-Saving Summer Vacation Tips, seashell shore blue sky beach
Budget-Saving Summer Vacation Tips : Hello Seashells!


Vacation time doesn’t need to be expensive in order for you to have a great time. Sure, you can adjust your over-all budget so you can travel more extravagantly, but you can also prioritize to not be in the debt. We’re no money experts but we’ve managed to travel comfortably even though we do not have thousands in our bank.

Planning is key when it comes to travelling, spontaneous travels and road-trips to nearby cities are good, but if you want a truly memorable, longer stay in a city, plan meticulously. Before we go on planning, let’s look at some ways you can enhance your budget so you can enjoy travelling more.

Manage Your Finances

Another aspect of life that needs planning for long-term is finances. People who are financially free aren’t always born rich, a lot of them are self-made. Financial freedom doesn’t mean having to amass money, but the mindset that one has regarding money.

Save First

Put money aside immediately. Make sure that it’s not an easy to open container so you aren’t tempted to open it. If you save first rather than at the end of the month, you’ll be sure that something is really saved up for the rainy days.


Make a list of all your bills, and expenses. It is best to know how much you should have for these so you don’t overspend.


Look through the things you buy by the end of the month, see what’s really needed and important. For example, you might have subscribed to a service you’ve forgotten. Cancel or unsubscribe immediately. See which items you buy the most every month, buy them in bulk to save more.

Side Hustle

Earn from a side hustle like blogging, selling, or as a visual assistant.

You can find a lot of advice and tips on how to effectively budget your household income, to make sure that you are debt-free: click here.


Budget-Saving Summer Vacation Tips
Budget-Saving Summer Vacation Tips : Save Up

Although budget can be tight, you can still squeeze in wonderful time without worrying about money for the much awaited summer vacation, here are some ways to do it.

Money-Saving Travel Tips

Book in Advance

Booking a year before your vacation is sometimes good, both for flights and hotels. Airlines have such promos but they also have sales on tickets that go unsold a few days before the flight. It is best to subscribe to newletters of your favorite  airlines to know of such promos.

Compare Accommodation

Finding accommodation that’s convenient, comfy, and affordable can be tough but its doable. You can use comparison websites to see which offers the cheapest – be it hotels, apartments, or rooms.

Budget-Saving Summer Vacation Tips
Budget-Saving Summer Vacation Tips : Like Homecooked

Cook Your Own Food

Choose a place like vacation villas which is equipped with full kitchen where you can prepare your own food instead of dining out. Hotel accommodations can be quite expensive; there are spacious and beautiful villas some even have glass mosaic tiles design. And of course, smaller apartments complete with everything you need. You can explore the local market and cook food to your tasting – ones you enjoy at home and dine out to try food the city or town is famous for.

Travel Light

Do not over-pack because it will cost you big bucks most especially if you exceed the allowable weight for baggage. Research on the weather so you can bring appropriate clothing to avoid buying while on vacation.

Budget-Saving Summer Vacation Tips, packaging for vacation
Budget-Saving Summer Vacation Tips : Pack Lightly

Pack Like a Pro

It is best to bring your own sun screen, toothpaste and shampoo, also bring your bottle container for refills because it will cost  a lot more if you purchase these items in the hotel. You can probably buy them cheaper at the groceries.

Spend  Money  Wisely

When travelling, having cash seems to be the better way, but you have to exchange this to the city’s currency, and money exchange points aren’t always the best (especially airports).

Use a no-fee credit or debit card that allows you to withdraw money in the currency you need.

The internet is a free source for all the budget-saving travel tips you need. See what’s free in other countries that you might try and enjoy, click here. What other budget-saving summer vacation tips do you have? Let us know in the comments!

Budget-Saving Summer Vacation Tips, atm
Budget-Saving Summer Vacation Tips : Cash or Card?

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  1. And another is that
    It is best to bring your own sun screen, toothpaste and even bottled water because it will cost a lot more if you purchase these items in the hotel.

    THAT’S REALLY TRUE 🙂 price of things in hotels sometimes are doubled! 🙂

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