There are a handful of things to do and to know before you travel the world.  If you are planning one for yourself, there are things that you need to keep in mind. This is mostly applicable if it is your first time to travel to a different country.


First, the idea of hitchhiking anywhere may be dangerous if you are in an unfamiliar territory. It is still better to take the country’s public transportation. Most countries have access to trains/railway, buses and taxis. However, there are other countries which employ more interesting methods of transport.

For instance, if you visit Kyoto, Japan, you can enjoy riding human powered rickshaws. However, this may only be good for people who only feel less pity for the one dragging the rickshaw. In some areas of India and Asia, Elephant is a mode of transportation. In some countries, taking the more popular method of transportation oftentimes prove to be cheaper. For instance, a $3 bus ride may turn out to be a $60 taxi ride for the same distance.

Things to Know Before You Travel The World

Requirements before Leaving

Make sure that you have in your bag all your travel documents. Keep your valid transport or any travel document safe, especially in a country where pickpockets abound. Keep in mind that there are certain countries that do not require VISA, only passport. Also, in some countries, you may even need a work permit to enter the country, most especially if the length of stay is long.

Difference in Cultures and Traditions

To make your travel extra exciting, make sure to, at least, research about the country you will be travelling to. Learn the culture, and know any specific actions which may offend the locals in the country. As you know, there are certain actions which may be OK for you, but they can be considered as rude in another country. Also, take time to consider specific rules that a country may have. This is to avoid any type of punishment, or worse, jail detainment.

Currency and Money

It is highly recommended to do a research and compare credit cards. There are certain banks which offer cards for travelers. Include in your research information regarding conversion fees, and work on the lowest currency exchange fee. With credit cards specifically created for travelers you can benefit from low cost cash withdrawals. It is a safer way than carrying all your cash on you.


In certain countries, you may allowed to bring with you more than one hand carry luggage, while in some countries, they may be stricter. Thus, it is best to research custom related issues which you may be encountering throughout your travel.

Indeed, traveling all over the world can be extremely fun. However, you can only get the most of it by means of preparation and organization.

Other Things to Know Before You Travel The World

Packing Light

Less is more when it comes to travel. It’s not only the contents of your luggage but your luggage itself. You may not fit everything in a backpack, but limiting the things you bring mean you can bring a lot back.

Insurance and Safety

If you are set to visit countries where you expect to engage in specific activities which may be dangerous, it is recommended for you to avail of a travel and medical insurance. Then, before going to a certain country, or upon arrival, check any accredited hospitals for security.

Also, take into consideration that if, for instance, you visit a tropical country, you may be encountering dangerous insects. To avoid any problems, it would be better to take the necessary injections for safety and preventive measures.

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  1. Spot on advice especially the one on learning about the cultures and traditions of the country you are visiting. Checking the weather and type of clothing to wear is important too.

  2. Being prepared gives some peace of mind to enjoy the journey ahead. Thanks for sharing these points overall and especially the ideas for cost saving or once in a lifetime transportation options.

  3. Great tips! I admit I have this great wish to travel the world someday and I’m sure these tips will be of great help to me. Thanks for sharing!

  4. great tips… thanks for the post. i hope I have to refresh on these things to know one day 🙂 h]i want to travel the world in my lifetime.

  5. Thanks for this very useful post! I’ve travelled a little abroad (UK, Germany, Japan) but you gave some pointers that I hadn’t really previously thought about — thanks for the tips!

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