The walls of Intramuros found in Manila was built during the Spanish era. It was the place where Spanish colonists and their families lived. It was the center of the Spain’s political and religious power. However, when World War II ended the place was destroyed leaving only the San Agustin Cathedral as the only standing establishment within the walled city.

At present, Intramuros serves not only as tourist spot , there are lots of prominent schools and universities located in Intramuros. Visiting Intramuros will not be complete without going to Fort Santiago. The place where the last days of the Philippine National hero Jose Rizal were spent.

The famous Manila Cathedral is also found in Intramuros. During the Spanish colonization, it served as the seat for the Spanish Archbishop. Today, the crypts found in the Cathedral serve as the final resting place for the Archbishops in Manila.

By simply walking in the walled city of Intramuros would give you an idea on how the place looked like before it was reconstructed. It is like being time warped 400 years ago.

old walls

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  1. Malou

    We used to go here a lot on weekends. I really feel as if I’m in the Spanish era when I’m in Intramuros.

    1. Donna Jane Marcuap

      I have read lots of articles about it when I’m in grade school…

  2. Donna Jane Marcuap

    Intramuros… that’s where every field trip is destined… I remember it, and though this Walled City is old. It shows our History…History of Filipinos during the Spaniards^^

    1. Algene

      We should always place a high value on this Walled city! 🙂

      1. Donna Jane Marcuap

        Years have passed and still this wall STAND 🙂

  3. Algene

    Ito ang pinakafavorite na historical place ng friend ko. She always want to go there. 🙂 As in, always talaga.

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