Nowadays, when London is mentioned, the most common thing that pops into mind is…HARRY POTTER.  And obviously, one of the most famous tourists spots is, the great hall from Hogwarts or Platform 9 ¾, but aside from Harry Potter, there is another enchanting thing about London that draws tourists; such as different places, banks and numerous museums in London.

Buckingham Palace was earlier known as a place of both torture and misery; another is St. Paul’s Cathedral an ancient church that still sustains its beauty and authenticity despite of its age, indeed, this church has aged gracefully.

Of course, we cannot forget the art capital of London- West End which has many theaters; there are a lot of musical play and theaters that are being run in this place, and here’s a fun fact- this is where Claude-Michel Schönberg’s Miss Saigon made its debut with all original cast and crew. Another is, Westminster Abbey; one of the most popular attractions in London because of the famous people that are buried here.

london, big ben

How can we forget BIG BEN-this is the world’s largest chimney clock which is one of the most pictured tower because of its uniquely big size. The London Eye- one of the best ways to have a panoramic view of London, this is where you can take an overwhelming and breathtaking ride to see that wonderful view of London, it is highly recommended that you do this either first or last for an unforgettable London experience.

There are so many more places in London that you can visit, and it is really up to you to see how significant a place can be.

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