In a couple of months from now, is the start of holiday season. Holiday vacation is something that most families look forward to. There are so many places to visit and explore, one of them is Castlepoint in New Zealand.

Located along the coastline of Wairarapa is the Castlepoint. It is one of the most beautiful scenery found in this area. At Castlepoint Scenic Reserve, you would see various things that would make you feel closer to nature. You would see the Castle Rock, lagoon, dunes and reef. The place is also popular because of its 250-step Cape Palliser Lighthouse. Wildlife is also found in the reserve, these include animals such as red-billed gulls, reef herons, black shags, white-fronted terms and black-backed gulls. In several occasions some marine species visit the place like dolphins, fur seals and small whales.

When visiting Castlepoint Scenic Reserve, you can use New Zealand Car hire if you are not familiar with the place. Also as visitors of Castlepoint, you should keep in mind the following:

  • The fossils found should not be removed.
  • Do not disturb the nesting birds.
  • Only dogs with leash are allowed.
  • Vehicles and motorcycles are not allowed in the sand dunes area.
  • No camping on the reserve.
  • Bring all your rubbish with you, do not leave them in the reserve.

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  1. I have a friend who lives in New Zealand and she told me that the country indeed is beautiful. I’ve never been in a lighthouse. The picture is lovely.

  2. WOW 250-step Cape Palliser Lighthouse and seeing wildlife there… how was it n cold places? hmm.. I wanna go there but I still prefer tropical places 🙂

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