“Welcome to the Himalayas.” If you watched Monsters Inc., the famous Disney animated film, then surely, those words would sound familiar. It was, after all, one of the most famous lines there. The Himalayas is a mountain range that’s touted as the world’s highest, probably because it serves as home to some of the world’s highest peaks like Mount Everest.

With its breathtaking charm, it’s not surprising that many people are scurrying to avail of Himalaya tour packages. There are many reasons why the Himalayan Range is fast becoming a favourite tourist destination. You’d definitely find so many things to do there no matter if you’re into camping, jungle safari, paragliding, rafting, rock climbing, and of course, skiing.

Another reason why people are mesmerized by the Himalayas is the abundance of various temple architecture styles. They have carved stone shikaras, pagoda-style shrines, and Sikh Gurdwaras. You could also try to go up the Holy Mountain in Tibet. The unusual topography of the Himalayan Range one of the best places to visit on earth.

If you think I’m exaggerating, you should look at some of the photos of the Himalayas. It would certainly provide you with a refreshing break from your mundane life and give you a chance to recharge and rejuvenate yourself.


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