There are many places to explore for the art lovers. In almost every part of the world you can find remarkable museums and galleries. Hence, vacation is definitely an excuse to discover these beautiful places for art lovers.  To give you an idea on the best vacation places for art lovers, here are the top three must-see places:

  • New York – popular museums such as Metropolitan Museum of Art, Guggenheim and the Museum of Modern Art are found in this busy city. But aside from these museums there are murals and graffiti art found on the walls of subway stations. Some of the art works were made by using airbrush machine. There are also small galleries which cater to up and coming young artists.
  • Rome – again, there are numerous galleries and museums located in Rome. Some of the masterpieces can be found within the Vatican. The place is famous for Sistine Chapel and the works of the masters are seen in many art galleries in Rome.
  • Florence – this place is known as the Renaissance capital. To appreciate the art pieces during Renaissance period you can visit museums and galleries. When you stroll along the city, there are marvelous architectural designs found in churches and building.

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