Check out New York City Vacations – New York, New York. When you think that you are ready to visit the city of New York to experience the secrets and wonders of city life then you really want to enjoy a New York City Tour. You might want to take it on a helicopter where you will see the birds’ eye view of the city sights, or perhaps you want to take a Double Decker bus tour where you will be able to see the city from street level without the risk of getting lost. It will assist your decision about which areas you want to go back to and spend more time visiting.

There are a variety of New York vacations for you to experience. You may even desired to enjoy a tour riding on the boats of the River tours where you see the city views from the rivers that encompass the city. Here you will get a totally unique perspective of the size and placement of the neighbourhoods of the city and how the waterways connect everything together.

Aerial view, lower Manhattan

When you are flying above the city on a New York helicopter tours you will see the vastness of the development on this incredibly small section of land. The millions of people that live here and those that arrive to visit make for a true melting pot of varying cultures, beliefs and ideals. It is though that every region of the world has some representation in this city.

Look at the site of the Twin Towers and see the destruction left by the crazy people that choose to kill thousands to get seen by the press and the rest of the world. Those brave people that forged ahead into that devastation to save anyone they could and to provide assistance and comfort to the injured in the blast. The towers are gone but the spirit of the survivors and those that lost their lives will live on for generations to come. Ironically the opposite experience of what the terrorists hoped to accomplish.

While you ride the Double Decker bus you will see Wall Street and realize that the many billions of investment funds that have been invested in the stock market run through this relatively small area. The buildings with their emblems of power are an interesting site to experience. The bus tour will provide you that experience without you having to walk down the street and cock your head way back to see them.

If you decide to enjoy the riverboat tour you will get a beautiful view of the Statue of Liberty and of Ellis Island. The history of these historical symbols is always an overwhelming emotion as you gaze up on the beauty and remember how the immigrants had to feel when they first laid eyes on their new homeland. How afraid of the unknown they had to be, how grateful for the opportunity to begin a new life in a new homeland and yet how challenged they had to be with the bureaucracy of getting admitted into the United States through the gates of Ellis Island. Emotions will run high throughout this part of the trip, but you will absolutely be thankful you had the opportunity to experience these symbols up close.

wall street


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