Your hard earned money should be spent wisely. A good vacation does not have to be expensive. You can always find ways to save even a small amount of money. The money that you were able to save can be spent in other things like buying souvenir items for friends and even buying the stuff that you need for your Austin HCG diet.

You can actually save the most money either with your hotel accommodation or your airline flight. However, it could mean that you need to spend some time to do a little bit of legwork. Here are some tips on how you can save money on your next airline flight.

• You need to book as early as you can; last minute flight booking is pricey. Book at least 21 days before your desired date of flight.
• You need to be flexible with your time and travel date too. You can save money when you fly during lean hours and days.
• Choose a flight with one or two stopovers. Remember that direct flights are a little more expensive.

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  1. • Choose a flight with one or two stopovers. Remember that direct flights are a little more expensive

    > I agree , my aunt just arrived and she taught us that we can save when we do that ^^ really true 😀

    1. I prefer direct flights, less hassles and mas mabilis. Pero if I really want to save, I’d take this tip!

      1. tama , less hassle and more comfortable if direct but in terms of being savvy i will choose the other way around 😀

        1. Sino, si cousin mo o ako? 🙂

          1. Awww. Ako pala. Should I answer the question? hahaha. O sige, yes. 🙂

          2. maybe you are asked algene , why will that dummy ask me by the way ? we’re at the same place 😀 ahaha (just kidding rica 🙂 I? you

          3. Pasensya kana jan algene hehe just never mind her ^^

      1. Online or ticketing offices. 🙂 Kung trips, you can go to travel and tour companies..

        1. well, rica are you planning for a vacation? try booking online 🙂

  2. Booking flights earlier is the best way to save talaga! 🙂 21 days or a month earlier..

    1. is that so … hmm.. I’m not yet thinking about this things but i will consider these wonderful tips 😀

      1. Mas maka-save talaga Don kapag nakapa-book ka in advance. 🙂 Diba may trip ka na next year?

        1. And I’m truly excited, hope it goes well

          1. Good luck 🙂

      1. You can have a trip without money ! just chairs!!!

      2. TRY TRIP to Jerusalem 😀

  3. This is a really useful checklist especially now that Christmas is fast approaching.

    1. Everyone is so excited to travel during the Christmas season!

      1. who does not ^^ , I’m sooo excited 😀 more with my birthday 2 days after x-mas

        1. Yes, but it doesn’t mean na just because you have the money , you are o waste it with unvaluable things you just wanted and not needed

    1. Hay naku. Sana nga unlimited pera natin noh? 🙂

      1. well, if that would be the case there would be no need for us to be challenge in everyday’s survival 🙂

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