I was thinking about getting a credit card for myself the past few weeks, but I can’t decide due to its pros and cons. Since I have to buy my baby his/her needs, I want to purchase them conveniently, thus the need for a credit card. I heard about this RFID or Radio Frequency Identification that is put into cards and passports so that I only have to wave them in front of a scanner instead of having to slide the magnetic stripe through it. It’s very convenient having an RFID in my cards but as the technology develops, hackers are getting more skillful.

I saw rfid blocking wallets that will surely help me from securing my cards. This will definitely protect me from identity theft and payment fraud. It will surely stop somebody from scanning the data on my contactless cards.
It would be fun to make my own stylish RFID blocking wallet. I just have to put an aluminum foil to my wallet with my desired design to prevent the transmission of RFID signals and I’m good to go shopping safely!

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