It has been a month or so since I transferred back to my native land, the Philippines. It is good to be back home, at least now I have more chance to see the beauty of my country. Our country is a melting pot of different cultures and traditions, there are a lot of places to discover and a lot of mouth watering food to try. But my present condition restricts me from enjoying my passion for travelling.

At present, it is a big switch for me, that is geographically speaking. But once I gave birth and get the chance to hold my baby, it will be another switch to motherhood. I need to get back into shape so aside from vitamins for my baby, I will be asking my OB Gyne for the best weight loss pills.

I am so excited to enjoy both worlds, rediscover my roots as Filipino by going to places I have never been but this time it will be different, as I enjoy travelling I will be accompanied now by my baby. Both of us will discover and learn new things and places together.

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