Pregnancy can give you so much restrictions, who would want to sit or simple lie down during pregnancy? A lot of women would not want to do that; as much as possible women would love to continue what they have been doing even before they got pregnant. But travelling is something that is very hard to give up most especially if your job would requires it.

There may be difficulties or changes in your travelling habits because you are pregnant. Since traveling can really be stressful and tiring you would not want your baby to suffer because of this. You must drink your pre natal vitamins on time but since you are always on the go, you may want to try the one a day women’s prenatal vitamins. there is not need to worry about missing out on your vitamins because you can take it only once a day.

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  1. Yes that’s very true… my friend gets pregnant and she suffers when travelling, so a month she prefer to stay at home but not longer, she use to go to places again…

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