The onset of rainy season is now being felt. It rains almost every afternoon. However, I think no amount of rain can stop a person who loves to travel. My current condition, being preggy at that, does not stop me from discovering beautiful places.

I have been very fond of exploring new places and learning their culture as well. When I travel, I would love to check out the area by walking. I believe I could see more of the place if I take time to walk along its streets and learning more about its people.

But, at the end of the day’s journey, I experience muscle and joint pains; thank God I always bring along with me some joint supplement to make sure that my knees won’t hurt much for the next day’s adventure.

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  1. I really enjoy walking, but ofcourse depending on the weather,,(not sunny) 😀 I love to walk in the late afternoon… or at night ^^

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