How to Enjoy Your Dubai Holidays

Dubai is known as the second largest among the seven Emirates in United Arab Emirates. Since its establishment in the late ‘50s, it has improved a lot. It has become one of the modern metropolises and it offers the most modern comforts. It has become so popular and became a favourite tourist destination.

If you wish to go on Dubai holidays will mean fun, adventure, shopping and good food. Among the favourite activities done is exploring the wadis or dry riverbeds by riding on four-wheel drive vehicle. Enjoy skiing minus the heavy winter clothes; get your chance to ski on the sand dunes.

Dubai is also a haven for photography enthusiasts. There are endless photographic locations and structures that you will definitely feast your eyes on. You can take photos of the old mosques, ancient wind towers and palaces. Capture the wild life by taking photos of herds of camels; scenic views like palm groves and oasis are something that you want to capture in your camera.


You can also visit remarkable spots like Dubai museum, Al Bastakiya which is the oldest residential area in Dubai. You may also want to picture of the tallest building in the world which is Burj Khalifa. It is a magnificent centrepiece of downtown area in Dubai. Do not forget to drop by and capture the beauty of the world’s biggest luxury hotel Burj Al Arab Dubai. This is the much talked about first ever seven star hotel in the world.

The best time to visit Dubai is during the Ramadan month. Although there is a daily observance of fasting which happens from 5 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon; everything goes back to normal after 5pm.Normally, people would avoid visiting Dubai during the Ramadan month. If you don’t want too many tourists, you can plan your vacation during this month.

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  1. My aunt is there 🙂 and I’ve seen lots of pictures of places at Dubai like the Tallest Building 🙂 really awesome ^^ My aunt planned that after we graduate from college she would let us come with her at Dubai yippee 🙂 hope it would be this coming year ^^

  2. I’ve always wanted to visit Dubai! Halos lahat ng mga tita ko, dun na nakatira. I might be visiting the place next year. After may graduation. 🙂 Gusto ko nga magwork dun eh!

  3. I’ve been interested in Dubai eversince I’ve heard of Burj Al Arab Dubai. I’m an HRM student so I’m interested in hotels 🙂 Hopefully makapagwork ako sa hotel na yan someday 😀

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