Vacation is a must! You spent most of your days working and running errands, it would not hurt if you spend a couple of days for vacation. Everybody wants a hassle free vacation. It is supposed to be the time to relax and unwind. Why go through the hassles of preparing your trip, when you can get someone to plan it for you?

Going to a vacation is definitely much easier nowadays. There are great vacation deals that you can choose from. If you are not good in planning trips, then this is the right choice. Your vacation is all set, from your trip, your accommodation, tours and even car rentals; everything is organized by travel companies.

You would not need to worry even on slightest thing like choosing one of those vacation houses that do not have outdoor tv antennas or any major concern like high rates on car rentals.  Simply pay the amount, and the everything will be done for you by these travel companies.

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  1. With the boom of couponing nowadays, it is easier to find great deals on vacation packages.

    1. I agree with you 🙂 vacation packages ang patok ngayon…

      1. Convenient + Mura pa 🙂 So marami talaga ang tatangkilig! 🙂

      2. Convenient + Mura pa 🙂 So marami talaga ang tatangkilig! 🙂

        1. well, who would not ^^

      3. well .. kung ako ang tatanungin .. mas gusto kuh nalang na mag stay sa bahay ..

    2. Lalo na kapag always tayong online, maraming travel coupons and packages na sulit na sulit! 🙂 Dapat always updated talaga tayo..

      1. True 😀 internet let us stay connected and updated with every deals 😀

        1. For travel? Tanungin natin si Miss Jade. 🙂

        1. Subscribe ka nalang sa newsletter 🙂

  2. when it is a tour, like what we had in hongkong, i preferred the services of a travel agent. but if there are relatives in the place, they take care of our travel plans. hehe

    1. That’s the good side of having relatives on the city or country you’re visiting 🙂

    2. tulad ng sinasabi ko dapat whole family para mas madama yung love and presence para sa isat isa .

      1. Walang tatalo sa bonggang saya na dala ng pamilya. 🙂

        1. Hehe we’re out of the topic na 🙂 well since it’s Christmas time 🙂

  3. And another thing is I’m not good at planning trips so It’s really better having the great vacation deals… 🙂

    1. Oo nga! Kung gusto mo ng hassle-free vacation, go to the nearest travel agency and let them arrange everything for you.

      1. choose the best agency 😀

  4. There are also times that it’s better not to contact travel agencies. Just like what we did when my family went for an out of the country trip. Late na kumuha ng tickets + wala pa talagang travel tours/packages so we ended up taking things on our own.. It was really fun!

    1. that’s what I mean when I said that “choose the best agency ” ^^

  5. It’s really easy to go on vacation these days because of so many travel agencies out there that offers affordable packages. Sobrang helpful talaga kasi you don’t have to think of anything but to enjoy the place 🙂

    1. yeah 😀 just enjoy ,but be careful of the travel agency you choose 😀

      1. Dapat yung established talaga para di maloko..

    2. sure po ba yun na fix na lahat ng aayusin kapag we get an agency ? for travel .

      1. Yes. Lahat ng places and other things, sila na magplaplano pero of course, subject to your approval pa rin 🙂

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