When I was a kid, I have always prayed for dragons and knights to be real, I also included sorcerers and wizards in my prayers but never in fairies, because for me they seems to be small and sometimes I mistakenly thought that they were just fireflies that roams around the enchanted forest. Tsk! Tsk! (I’m sorry fairy world, no one oriented me about your existence :() and now that I’m already grown up, my fascination about magical beings lessened and grew more curiosity to Health and Science, until one day a fairy visited me in my blogs.

I was so surprised! I didn’t expect fairies do exist. You heard me right! The magical being that I didn’t believed in already paid me a visit, just to prove to me that they do exist (Oh yeah! I’m already believer alright!). That whole day was full of play and fun, I never want it to end but Fairy Hobmother (yes that’s his name, and he’s a he) said that he still has some pending work left in his kingdom called “Appliance Online” that’s why he needs to cut the visit short (Aww, so sad), but as a reward for being a good playmate, hegave me a gift wrapped with a red ribbon on it.

With so much excitement I immediately opened it and then a sparkling light came out flying, slowly as it falls to my palm, it transformed into an Amazon gift card. Wow! Amazing! Thank You so much Fairy Hobmother! You’re the best, with this gift I have enough savings to buy me a new washing machine for my mom’s house! Woot! Woot! And Now that I’m already a believer, Fairy Hobmother needs a new playmate to visit.

Are you a believer? Do you want the Fairy Hobmother to pay you a visit? Here, just follow these steps and who knows, he might already be sneaking in the next day:

  1. Leave a comment together with your blog url so he can easily locate you
  2. Follow the @fairyhobmother on Twitter


credits to: weeluckycharms for the image

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