When traveling to different parts of the world, each country has its own culture and tradition that you need to know and respect. Aside from the common table manners that we learned in school, there are table etiquettes that a person must be aware of when visiting a particular country.

  • In China, where people use chopsticks it is improper to stick the chopsticks in the rice bowl in upright position. This is how Chinese offer foods to their departed loved ones; the chopsticks will look like incensed burned for dead people.
  • In France, it is improper to discuss about money over food like who is going to be in-charge of the bill.
  • Portuguese would not normally ask for condiments unless food is served. It is a form of insult to the chef of the restaurant to immediately look for condiments.

These are just some of the things that you need to know if you are going to visit a foreign country. If you are out on a dinner date, it is best to turn off your cellulaires or cellphone; it is a form of respect to your date and it will show that your attention is undivided too.

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  1. Ouchy ! when it comes to table manners, I should have arrange myself, but when the food stimulates my whole self, it feels like it’s not about the manners at all 🙂 hehe

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