Cruising can be a wonderful experience, if you know what to expect once you get onboard the cruise ship. Here are some helpful tips for first time cruisers:

  1. Keep all travelling documents in one safe place. It is better if you have copies of your documents apart from the original. This could help you in case you lose the original documents.
  2. Double check with your insurance company. You would never know if you need to get medical attention while on cruise.
  3. You may want to consider bringing an extension cord. Most cabins have one electric outlet with two plugs. You may need to use electricity for your laptop, phone charging and blow drying your hair. You cannot do these things simultaneously because of such restrictions.
  4. Bring extra clothes hangers. These could help in maintaining the orderliness of your cabin.
  5. Take care of your cabin steward. He could assist you in handling special requests like picking up dirty clothes, hanging wet towels and even looking for the onecall coupons you have misplaced while onboard.

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