When out on a trip and you don’t have your own car with you; then you may opt to explore the place by riding the public utility vehicles like trains or buses. But you also have the option to rent a car. However, car rentals may cost you an arm and leg, so before you finalize your car reservations you may want to:

  • check and compare prices on the internet, you may snag a better deal.
  • make sure that there are no hidden charges and surcharges on the price. Some car rental companies would advertise unbelievably low rate, do the math so that you won’t be paying more than you should.
  • if you really don’t need a larger vehicle, it is best to choose for the smaller ones. Rental companies may run out of economy model cars; agents would suggest that you upgrade into high end ones like those with bmw z4 custom floor mats. Simply say no, chances are you get the upgraded car for almost the same price as the economy models.

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  1. Yeah you’re right , if someone don’t think or let’s say calculate the expenses, it may cost you an arm and leg,we already tried renting a car, so sad that the car was troubled, and we shoulder the xepenses for repair…

      1. That’s true, so don’t find a cheap rental because you’l just spend more for the repair. Find a great deal.

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