Have you ever seen a city or town and thought, “I want to live here”? It’s probably the landscape, the weather, or the overall atmosphere that attracted you. I’ve had those moments and some of the places we would pick would be Como in Italy, Hallstatt in Austria, Kyoto in Japan,  York in the UK, and Banff in Canada, of course. We’d probably still pick anywhere in Canada though.

If mortgage is not an issue, where would you settle? Here are are top 3 picks of the best regions to buy a house in Canada in 2021.


3 Best Regions To Buy A House in Canada in 2021, Charlottetown
3 Best Regions To Buy A House in Canada in 2021: Charlottetown

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Charlottetown is the capital and largest city of the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island. It is often on the list of the best places to live in Canada. Charlottetown is known for its great outdoors for hiking and is generally a wonderful area to raise kids.

Prince Edward Island is cheaper than other provinces when it comes to the price of housing, food, and even utilities. Mortgage in this city is lower compared to other regions, with house prices averaging between $330,000-$350,000. While not as much festivals is celebrated like in Ottawa, the city enjoys a handful that you can participate in.

As a tourist, some of the notable places to visit in Chatlottetown are:

Port-la-Joye/Fort Amherst National Historic Site
Charlottetown Farmers Market
Peakes Wharf and Confederation Landing
Victoria Row
Beaconsfield Historic House
Confederation Centre of the Arts

So if you enjoy the beach, nature, and a laid-back kind of life, Charlottetown is a great place to consider.



3 Best Regions To Buy A House in Canada in 2021, Guelph
3 Best Regions To Buy A House in Canada in 2021: Guelph


Guelph, Ontario

Nicknamed “The Royal City,” Guelph is a city in Southwestern Ontario that has always been at the bottom of Canada’s crime severity list. This along speaks the living condition in the region. It is also just less an hour away from Toronto, so you could easily drive around and enjoy a different vibe if you feel like it.

The city has grown a lot and there are many quaint scenes, cafés and restaurants around to enjoy. Like most of Canada, the greenery is vast with a lot of parks to enjoy walks, biking, or simply awe at nature. Guelph is also where autumn is a joy to take photos of.

Although a house in Guelph may cost well more than $500,000 on the average, the general consensus living in the city is always good.

If only for touring, some of the best places to see in Guelph include:

Art Gallery of Guelph
Rockwood Conservation Area
Guelph Lake Conservation Area
Arboretum at the University of Guelph
Guelph Civic Museum
Many Trails

3 Best Regions To Buy A House in Canada in 2021
3 Best Regions To Buy A House in Canada in 2021: Saint John, New Brunswick

Saint John, New Brunswick

The happiest people in Canada can be found in St.John, why, you might ask. Aside from the sunny vibe, beautiful landscape, and friendliness, the unbelievably low expenses (affordability) might contribute to the general definition of the citizens’ quality of life.

With some of the houses  starting at $185,000, it has the lowest and most affordable prices in the whole of Canada. As it is Canada’s oldest city, there are a lot of old-world charm strewn around that old souls would love.

Best Regions To Buy A House in Canada in 2021
Best Regions To Buy A House in Canada in 2021 – Pin!

What to see and do in Saint John as a tourist:

Explore Bay Fundy
Reversing Falls, Skywalk, and Stonehammer Geopark
Prince William Street and Historic Saint John
Saint John City Market
Fort Howe National Historic Site
Art Galleries
Imperial Theatre
Rockwood Park

Other Great Regions To Buy A House in Canada in 2021

Aside from the three mentioned cities that are considered great regions to buy a house in Canada, there are a lot more that is worth looking at when price is of concern. Trois-Rivières, Quebec has the lowest prices of houses in the market, with as low as $165,000. Quebec City, the capital of Quebec is also a lovely choice. Despite being a provincial capital, a house can cost as low as $270,000. Winnipeg in Manitoba is also an obvious choice for many migrants. It has stable economy, and is a very affordable city to live in.

If you are looking into migrating where quality of living is good, with an environment that will be great for  your family, check on any city you like in Canada. There are financial tools you can use to calculate every little bit of expense to start you off and then decide.

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