There are a  lot of activities to do on long journeys to pass time that most of us travelers enjoy. Whether traditional games of cards, mind games, individually played, or group games,  we all have a favorite that reminds us not only of our childhood but the journeys we had in the past.

Traveling for long hours, whether by car or train, could get sleepy, boring, and tiring. Yes, you can read a book, but for those who have eye issues, this could be a problem. After a while, you’d probably hear bickering between the siblings, someone telling you they need to pee, someone is hungry, uncomfortable, and the usual long travel dramas. If you get caught in a traffic jam, everyone’s patience would thin out even more.

To appease anyone or everyone, allow the kids to play some games on their gadgets, engage them in fun games, make sure you bring along pens and papers too, if they like to draw, that could keep them occupied for long hours. There are of course games that require pens and papers, so pack them along.

No App Online Games is offer browser-based games, rendered in mobile-friendly HTML5. You can play from a wide selection of games – with many from your childhood! You can play these web games on mobile devices: iPhones,  Android powered cellphones be it Samsung, LG. They are also playable on tablets like: iPad or Kindle Fire, on laptops, and of course Windows-powered desktop computers (for when at home).

For the little ones, variations of Tetris (stacking blocks) are available. Like other puzzle games, playing Tetris stimulates the mind and improve its performance related to cognitive tests,  concentration, and  self control. Studies showed that playing Tetris for three minutes help curb cravings.

Activities to Do On Long Journeys
Fun Activities to Do On Long Journeys: I Spy

Portable Gadget Games

No matter if you have the newer Nintedo Switch, Nvidia Shield K1, or the older handheld game gadgets like PSPs or Playstation Vita, Nintendo DS, the classic games are hard to forget. From the well-loved Mario games, to the newest Animal crossing saga, there’s one that we (from a toddler to a grandma) can enjoy while on a ride to our destination.

If you are from the UK, you can win a Switch Lite Here for your next road trip!

8 + Fun Activities to Do On Long Journeys
8 + Fun Activities to Do On Long Journeys – Train ride

I Spy

Simply say “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with…” – and the letter the chosen object starts with.  Players  have to look for what you “spy” on from the scenery flashing by, or what’s in the car, even something peeking from inside a bag. It’s good for kids, and adults won’t be able to resist to join in. Once a guesser correctly identified the object, he or she becomes the Spy for the next round and the game starts again. This game relies on trust, as the Spy cannot change the object chosen and he is the only one who knows whether the guessers are correct or not.

License Plate Game

This is one of those games that require  a few pads of paper, pens and the scenery, or more particularly – road scene. Participants need to search for license plates from different countries or states if you are driving in the US. Just scribble down the plates you find on the paper you have, the with the most plate numbers listed  wins.

As an additional game, and to test one’s knowledge of geography, name the capital city of the country or state spotted, even give additional points for diplomatic or official plates.

Sing The Next Line

As the game title suggest, one would start to sing a line of a song and stop at some point. Players have to sing the next line, and the person who successfully remembers it first wins a point.

This is a fun game especially for music lovers, but even those who are not gifted with a golden voice can chime in, it doubles the fun.

Activities to Do On Long Journeys
Activities to Do On Long Journeys: Pin!

Card Games

As mentioned above, card games are another effective way to pass the time when on long journeys. Bring a deck of cards and play poker, or the classic UNO deck.

Drawing Game

Guess the drawing also requires pens and papers, which will be enjoyed by those who like to draw. And can also be for the fun to guess, for those drawn by others who can only make a human stick.

Don’t forget to bring coloring books for the little ones.

Sweet or Sour

If you have the courage, wave to people you pass by, and see if they wave back. Those who do will be “sweet” and those who don’t will be labeled “sour”.

Other Activities to Do On Long Journeys

Long journeys would also mean munching and getting hungry at some point. Aside from protein snacks you can put in pockets, make a necklace of edible munchies for little kids. Anything from fruit loops to pretzels, and others that has holes in them can go in. You can prepare this beforehand or even during the ride, but it could be messy.

There are also Road Trip kits you can buy online that will make the whole family’s long journey short of boredom.

There are a lot more activities that we can do when on a road trip, I’m sure this list isn’t even half of them. What else do you suggest? Leave them in the comments!

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